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Árpád ház

Residential projects

  • Investor: Noa Invest Kft.
  • Country: Hungary
  • Location: Budapest, XIII. Teve str.
  • Planning date/status: Execuited
  • Construction date: 2005
  • Designers: Yael Argaman, Michael Israeli, Ruff Mária
  • Plot size: 3800 m2
  • Built area: 23200 m2
  • No. Of apartments: 290
  • Number of parkings: 306
  • Remarks:

3 level of underground parking, 9 level flats, on the ground floor to the Teve and Csongor street 6 Shops. On the main front of the facade there is a big round curtain wall. 800 m2 inner garden green roof with public garden with trees, plants, benches, toys for the small children.