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Residential projects

  • Country: Hungary
  • Location: Budapest
  • Planning date/status: feasibility study
  • Designers: Yael Argaman, Helyes Gábor, Pataki Andor
  • Plot size: 49000 m2
  • Built area: 149450 m2
  • Number of parkings: 2600
  • Remarks:

The 49000 m2 site is located in Óbuda, traditional North-West dwelling zone of Budapest, at the riverside of Danube. The land of former BUSZESZ liquore factory with it’s a perfect accessibility and a great view to the river the site is ideal both for dwelling and office development.

The aim was to check the design possibilities from the most severe and safe parameters given by the KSZT:

Residential option

Number of plots: 8 - average plot-size: 6124 m2
Total footprint: 24016 m2 - 49,0 %
Total gross area (without parking): 148744 m2, incl. all dwelling, lobby, retail areas
Coefficient: 3,04 m2/m2
Total green area: 14154 m2 – 28,9 %
Number of flats: 1714
Total gross dwelling area: 137136 m2 (without ground-floor lobbies)
Retail areas: 6508 m2
Number of parking places: 1942 – total ground-floor and underground parking
In the case of contraction plot 7. and 8. the total gross area would increase to 152413 m2, coefficient 3,11 m2/m2, and the number of flats could be 1754.

Office option

Total site area: 48990 m2
Number of plots: 7 - average plot-size: 6999 m2
Total footprint: 19164 m2 - 39,12 %
Total gross area (without parking): 152002 m2, incl. all office, lobby, retail areas
Coefficient: 3,10 m2/m2
Total green area: 12353 m2 – 25,2 %
Total gross office area on upper levels: 135486 m2 (without ground-floor lobbies and offices)
Total gross office area on ground-floor: 13965 m2
Total gross office area: 149451 m2
Total GLA: cca. 133000 m2
Retail areas: 2550 m2