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Orchidea Liget II

Residential projects

  • Investor: Csata-24 Ingatlanfej
  • Country: Hungary
  • Location: Budapest XIII-distr. Csata Street 24-26
  • Planning date/status: 2005
  • Construction date: 2005
  • Designers: Responsable Architect: Lázár Gyula
    Architect: Daniel Tsimmerman, Ruff Mária
  • No. Of apartments: 110
  • Remarks:

The entire project consists of 230 apartments divided into 4 buildings. At the design it was important that it will be a residential complex for young singles and families with small children. The design combines the buildings with a surrounding green area. That created a homely surrounding in the developing area of XIII. district. The project unites good modern architecture combining efficiency with homely style.