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Garay Market Refurbishment

Commercial projects

  • Investor: Pendola Kft.
  • Country: Hungary
  • Location: Budapest
  • Designers: Csilling Dóra
  • Built area: 69000 m2
  • Remarks:
Garay Market was built in 1931 but in the years it worn out and needed to be refurbished.
The project size is 69 000 m2 with the four residential towers. The client asked to make refurbishment and to improve the commercial layout .We have redesigned some of the mall area, added new food court and made some relocation for shops in order to improve the schemes. There are 4 levels of commercial, market and offices, on 18 000 m2.
We redesigned the entrance, the ceiling, the floor cladding, furniture and greenery.