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Pólus Center Refurbishment

Commercial projects

  • Country: Hungary
  • Location: Budapest
  • Planning date/status: 2011
  • Designers: Bükki László
  • Remarks:

Concept design.
In order to improve the low connection, between the food court and the anchors in the mall we proposed the following:
Entrances: some of the entrances should be closed, one shuold be converted to a main entrane by wildening it.
Mall: face-lifting and modernization of the main mall, add mall furniture, greenery and improve signage and establish an action plan, involving the tenants, in relation to improving shop-fronts' design, shop front’s signage and lighting.
Food court: replacing the suspended ceiling, simplifying the current overloaded design, improving visibility through the mall, creating direct access to Cinemas from the food court, creating a clear border between the food court area and the main mall area.