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Paradiso Residential Complex

Residential projects

  • Investor: MAM Liget Kft.
  • Country: Hungary
  • Location: Pomáz
  • Planning date/status: Completed
  • Designers: Responsible Architect: Lázár Gyula É/1.
    Designers: Bori Sándor É/2., Béres Deák Krisztina É/2.
  • Plot size: 5604 m2
  • Built area: 6000 m2
  • No. Of apartments: 70
  • Number of parkings: 74
  • Remarks:

The project is located in the city center of Pomaz, 15 km from Budapest. We designed two buildings with 70 apartments all together. Behind the buildings we created open parking places partly with wooden pergolas, and private gardens with small hill to separate the parking area from the flats. The building has no underground parking but 3 levels all together and ground floor. We created shops in the corner building in the ground floor. We used light yellow plaster, brick and dark brown wooden covering and Mediterranean style tiles on the roof. We created big penthouse and duplex apartments on the top floor with big balconies on the street and the garden side as well.