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Poznan Glowny Old Railway Station Refurbishment

Commercial projects

  • Investor: TriGranit
  • Country: Poland
  • Location: Poznan
  • Planning date/status: 2013
  • Designers: Béres-Deák Krisztina, Pataki Andor, Bori Sándor
  • Built area: 52858 m2
  • Number of parkings: 263
  • Remarks:

The complex is located at the area present used by railway, as a continuation of the new railway station and the new Poznan City Center, opened in 2013. The existing railway-building is in a zone protected by the city, and must be renovated in the original historic style. The complex should connected to the road system and take the existing tunnels, vehicle traffic and squares into consideration for creating a new center.

The project is separated to stages, according to the main different functions. The aim was to achieve a multifunction building, which serve and connect to the new transport center and shopping area. Most of the old building part is a continuation of the new plaza, but in a different atmosphere, all the shops are arranged by a ’trendy way’ and sells special goods. In this two level building we can can find art galleries, alternative shops, entertainment places and other special boutiques.

The hotel is located to the main square side, with a small entrance and serving possibility on the ground floor. The rooms - located on the upper levels in the first phase - are facing to the square. it is designed as a 120 rooms business hotel in U shape.

As a second phase, there is a possibility to enlarge the hotel on the top, or use these volumes as office buildings.

The needed parking places are satisfied in the beginning with the use of roof and the back garden, later with a parking building reachable from the other parking. This serves the traffic also to the last phase, which is a new office volume at the end of the plot. Till this building is not constructed, this area is used as a ’line park’ taking aim the young generation.

The full complex is a connection building between the old and new styles, and the main square also emphasizes this, and creating a new meeting point in the heart of the city

- 0.phase: commercial, 14250 m2
- 1.phase: hotel, 5350 m2
- 2.phase: parking building, 8000 m2
- 3.phase: add. officelevels, 15258 m2
- 4.phase: office building, 10000 m2