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Residential Park - 220 000 m2

Mega and Mixed Use Project

  • Investor: Dream Island 2004
  • Country: Hungary
  • Location: Budapest
  • Planning date/status: 2012
  • Designers: Gábor Helyes, Andor Pataki
  • Plot size: 198550 m2
  • Remarks:

The project is located on the Óbuda Island in the middle of Budapest.

The residential part of the project is placed on the south-western part of the island along the bay and it surrounds the end of the bay with hotels and apartman hotels.

The complex works internally, without exposing itself to the city, all the buildings are hidden behind 23-28 m tall old trees.

The project is in direct connection to the Entertainment Village Project on the other side of the bay, which is planed to be the future entertainment center of the city.

The project includes 1700 flats in high quality buildings on four levels and penthouse level, 400 hotel, apartment hotel and boutiqe hotel keys and 10000 sqm commercial and wellness center.

All the buildings are visually connected with a nice internal canal.

The style of the buildings was inspirited by the roman history of this area.