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Szigetszentmiklós Complex - 55 000 m2

Mega and Mixed Use Project

  • Investor: Home Center
  • Country: Hungary
  • Location: Szigetszentmiklós
  • Planning date/status: Conceptual Design
  • Designers: Yael Argaman
  • Number of units: 600
  • Remarks:

Multifunctional project situated in Szigetszentmiklós half island in a lake.

Mixed use Project of about 55000m2 Including the following:

Complex houses, step building facing the waterfront.

Private high quality houses, villas. in total of 600 unit in about 25000m2

Sport center, swimming pool and SPA center, water sport and yacht bay. in total of 5000m2. shopping center and medical center 25000m2 and landscape development of about 40000m2

Medical and commercial center.