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Újbuda Center I-II.

Commercial projects

  • Country: Hungary
  • Location: Budapest, XI. district, Hengermalom út 29-31.
  • Planning date/status: Completed December 2
  • Designers: Responsible Architect: Lázár Gyula É/1.
    Designers: Yael Argaman, Béres Deák Krisztina É/2.
  • Plot size: 44000 m2
  • Built area: 33000 m2
  • Number of parkings: 680
  • Remarks:

the developed plote size 44.419 m2
built mode : free standing
building altitude: the altitude of the existing building, his highest dot + 20,12 m
largest inbuilt: above a ground level 37%, under a ground level constant
level area indicator 0,72 m2/m2
smallest green area density 20,01 %.
The N-S trend, 240 m long, 40 m wide and 17 m of tall hall
Built originally: 1960, industry plan
1st item deliyery: 2007. January
Function: commercial units, offices, entertaining units
Built rentable areas
Groundfloor 15.000 m2
1st floor 2.400 m2
2nd floor 8.000 m2