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The Casiopea Group Kft


Casiopea Group was founded in the year 2001 and is active in CEE market ever since. The company is owned by arch. Yael Argaman and arch. Michael Israeli, with Yael Argaman being the managing partner since the year 2006.

The company has been initially active in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary and later has expanded its activity to other countries in the region as well.

The founders had been, prior establishing Casiopea Group, running jointly their own architectural design firm in Israel, having in their portfolio, among others, the new extension of the head office of the Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem, the municipality building in Modiin Illit, a Sports hall in Modiin, an elementary school in Kiryat Sefer, an office complex in the academic campus of Rishon le Zion, several major urban rehabilitation plans of 200 – 1000 apartment units in cities like Rehovot, Rishon Le Zion, Netanya etc.

Casiopea Group is an international architectural design firm having an impressive track record and is specialized in design of retail schemes, residential projects and large scale multi-functional complexes, including also offices and hotels.

During the past 10 years Casiopea Group has designed over 60 shopping malls and retail schemes, including entertainment facilities and multiplex cinemas in several countries as Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Greece, Bosnia, Macedonia, Israel, Montenegro, Russia etc.

The company’s portfolio also includes the design of over 15.000 residential units, reflecting nearly 1.000.000 sq m of built area.

Casiopea Group is contracted, in most cases, as the general designer, having all design disciplines’ consultants coordinated and employed or subcontracted by it, reaching about 150 team members all together.

The permanent design team consists of highly experienced architects, engineers and other consultants.

The company’s headquarters are situated in Budapest, Hungary, having subsidiary companies/JVs in Poland, Romania and Serbia.



Our company offers a wide range of design services, starting from architectural consultancy to developers, through the preparation of feasibility studies to conceptual design.


The architectural feasibility study can include also construction cost estimations and advice on the project’s program and mix.

Furthermore, we are providing services of complete detailed design for all design stages, from permission process to development design and construction documents.

Design procedure

Casiopea also offers tenant coordination services for retail projects, coordinating between the requirements of the tenants and the design team from technical point of view.


  • Trigranit
  • Plaza Centers
  • GB. Europa Group
  • Sybil Holdings
  • CEE Group
  • AEW Europe
  • ICD Investments
  • IBC Investments
  • Atrium Centers
  • Carpathian Asset Management
  • Cinema City
  • ShikunBinui – Red
  • Olimpia Group
  • GB Europe Group
  • Home Center Group
  • Coral Holding
  • CEU Property
  • Menachemi Group
  • IMMO Trust

Mega and Mixed Use Project

Dream Island - 500 000 m2

Mega and Mixed Use Project

Arena Plaza - 200 000 m2

Mega and Mixed Use Project

Poznan Plaza - 70 000 m2

Mega and Mixed Use Project

Valley view - 150 000 m2

Mega and Mixed Use Project

Casa Radio - Dambovica center - 560 000 m2

Mega and Mixed Use Project